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Custom Cave Works

Custom 17"x11"x1.5" Charcuterie/Cheese/Cutting Board

Custom 17"x11"x1.5" Charcuterie/Cheese/Cutting Board

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Please note: by customizing this item, it will require additional lead time to create the items. This is usually 5 to 8 business days or less.

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Custom Cave Works makes custom designed, hand-crafted charcuterie, cheese and/or cutting boards in Fargo, ND. These boards are made from solid wood, food grade epoxy, and food grade finishes. They are safe to use and do not contain any harsh chemicals. These boards contain an epoxy inlay(s)s that is about 1/8” deep into the wood. The inlay(s) are carved and then poured in perfect conditions to insure a hard, food safe cure. This product does not use any materials such as stickers, paints, laser etching or any type of prints other than wood and epoxy. 

This 11”x17”x1.5” Birch hardwood butcher block board is milled, poured, cured and finished prior to shipping. The board comes with rubber feet on the bottom to keep the board from sliding on the countertop. Customers may customize the lettering on the board. Please provide the wording exactly as you want it.

**How we compare**
• We use clean, 100% food grade hardwoods. Some types of wood are not recommended for food use.
• We use 100% food grade epoxy that is cured correctly in precise environmental conditions. Most of our competitors use laser etching.
• We carve 0.125 or 1/8” deep inlays to last a lifetime. Our competitor’s laser etch lettering and symbols that is approximal 0.0001 to 0.005 inches deep. Our inlays are up to 1,250 times deeper than our competitor’s. Laser etching can easily wear off with normal use and cleaning. Laser etching also creates small valleys in the wood that traps food and bacteria.
• We use 100% food grade finishes. Our competitors often use polyurethane, polyacrylic or no finish at all. This is not safe and does not protect the board or the food from chemicals or bacteria.
• Our boards can be washed with mild soap and water. Our competitors boards, depending on the finish cannot be washed without damaging the finish or wood itself.

**How to care for the board?**
Boards may be used daily or as decretive home decor. Boards with one or two-color inlays may be washed immediately upon receiving with mild soap and warm water. Boards with three or more color inlays can only be used and washed after two weeks from receiving the board. This allows the finish to cure fully and waterproof the board. DO NOT SOAK THE BOARDS IN ANY WATER OR OTHER LIQUIDS. DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING SOLVENTS OTHER THAN MILD DISH SOAP. DO NOT PLACE IN A DISHWASHER. Boards can be and should be oiled using food grade cutting board oil or food grade mineral oil. The board can be used as a cutting board, but knives may scratch the surface of the inlay and leave cut marks on the wood. Some foods like red grapes can stain the board.

Custom Cave Works ships or delivers the product as soon as possible. Delivery times can vary depending on the number of inlays, colors, wood types etc. It's very important for the epoxy to be mixed and poured in environmental specific conditions to allow for a food safe cure. Only one pour can be done at a time and curing time per pour can take 24 to 72 hours.

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Marlys Tweeton

Custom 17"x11"x1.5" Charcuterie/Cheese/Cutting Board