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Limited Edition 16"x16" Solid Red Oak Tripoli, Michigan Rummy or Rummoli Board (6-7-8 with Turn Table)

Limited Edition 16"x16" Solid Red Oak Tripoli, Michigan Rummy or Rummoli Board (6-7-8 with Turn Table)

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This limited-edition game board (a combination game of Poker, Hearts and Rummy) is milled from solid red oak that is approximately 16"x16" and is 3/4 inch thick.  It is custom crafted and made in the USA.  Pockets are created and labeled (both inside and out) for the different pots used in the game to hold chips or coins.  Text and symbols are hand painted.  Text, Clubs and Spades are painted black.  Hearts and Diamonds are painted Red.  The board is sealed and finished.  Cards not included.  This popular edition is the 6-7-8 version with a Turn Table attached.  Please note, some pictures may display other versions.  

Michigan Rummy, Tripoli or Rummoli is a family card game for 2 to 9 people. This Canadian board game requires a game board, a deck of playing cards (52 cards, no jokers), and chips or coins to play. The game is usually played for fun, or for small stakes (e.g. Pennies). The most like version of the American game is called Tripoley (a proprietary name), occasionally called by the generic name Michigan rummy.

For more information about Tripoli and how to play the game, please visit

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Customer Reviews

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Love this❣️ Sturdy construction and just the right size.

R Bragg

The board arrived a few days earlier than expected and is a quality product. Seller is quick to respond to inquiries and provided great service from pre-sale to questions sent after receiving the board.


Excellent quality, absolutely love this item. I have bought 3 so far, one for me, and 2 for relatives as gifts. We spend many hours using it and enjoy it so much. Kudos to Jarred, very nicely done.


Well made and nice quality game board!