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Wildlife Animal Racing Game

Wildlife Animal Racing Game

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Welcome to the thrilling world of "Race to the Finish," the ultimate horse racing game board that brings the excitement of the racetrack to your living room! This meticulously crafted game board actually has no horses.  It is crafted with several different 3D wildlife figures including a bear, fish, birds, deer, eagles and many others.  12 extremely detailed wildlife animals all crafted from Red Oak.

The large, table-top board, also made from Red Oak, measures over 45 inches long and 15 inches wide.  This large over-sized board makes it perfect for large gatherings who are betting on their wildlife (aka horses).  Small boards are no fun for large crowds who can’t see the entire race.  Although large, it is divided into three sections to make it easier to stack and store.    The board, once aligned, has three sections, the scratched area, the starting line and the finish. 

To play this game of chance and to win big stakes, players will need the game board, a deck of cards (not included) and two dice (not included).  To place bets, each player should have either coins or chips.  Our family uses quarters.  The game is best played with 3 to 7 players but it will support larger crowds of up to 10 or more players.

Post Parade

First, decide on the currency for the game.  This will be used to build the pot for the winner(s).  After the money is figured out, align the track on a table large enough for the track and to roll the dice.  Place 11 of the wildlife on the start line.  The 12th animal is a bonus and not used.    Next, using a standard deck of cards, remove the Kings, Aces and Jokers.  Shuffle the deck well and deal all 44 cards between all the players.


Not all of the wildlife will be able to race.  This is called Scratching.  To start Scratching, the player to the left of the dealer rolls the dice and the total of the dice will scratch the first animal.  Move this animal back to 1X.  Any player with that corresponding card must now put 1 coin or chip into the pot and discard their card or cards.  This animal will not win the race.  To scratch the next animal, the next player to the left will roll the dice.  The total of that dice will then scratch the next animal but will move backwards two spaces to 2X.  All players with that card will now pay 2 coins or chips to the pot.  The next player to the left will roll the dice again and scratch the wildlife animal to the 3x.  Each player with the corresponding card will pay 3 coins to the pot and discard their cards.  Do the same for the 4X Scratch.  Once four animals are scratched, the race can begin.

If at any time a player rolls the dice for an already scratch animal, that player must pay that amount (1X, 2X, 3X or 4X) to the pot.

The Race

The next player to the left will roll the dice.  If the total of the dice refers to a scratched animal, the player will pay that amount (1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x) to the pot.  If the total of the dice refers to an animal on the start line or in the race, move that animal forward towards the finish line one space.  The next player to the left will then take their turn rolling the dice.  Continue going clockwise around the board as each player takes their turn.

Winning the Race

Once a wildlife animal reaches the finish line, each player with that corresponding number and card wins their share of the pot.   The pot is split into 4 even shares, paying out to each card.  Players with two-of-a-kind will win ½ the pot.  Player’s with 3-of-a-kind will win ¾ of the pot.  Player’s with 4-of-a-kind will win the entire pot.

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We absolutely loved our game board! It was a huge hit at Thanksgiving. Everyone commented on the craftsmanship and how beautiful the board and pieces were. We would highly recommend anything made by Custom Cave Works!